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How long can you drive after getting a DUI

A conviction for a misdemeanor or felony DUI can direct to different penalties, and can incorporate jail time as nicely as higher fines. In get to guarantee the ideal end result in your circumstance, you want a skilled and zealous DUI protection attorney combating for you. With a very good attorney, you could be ready to defeat the DUI cost by challenging the facts foremost to your arrest, the trustworthiness of the officer, and even the accuracy of the tests used. The following are a few methods in which you can defeat a DUI in Illinois.
Challenge the Original Cease It may be time to find a Goldman and Associates Criminal Defense

In to for the police to pull you above and therefore administer a DUI test, they have to possibly have possible lead to, or at the quite the very least realistic suspicion. This indicates that they must have a legitimate explanation that they can point to for stopping you generally, this explanation is a site visitors offense this sort of as weaving in visitors. If the officer who pulls you more than can’t state a cause for the cease, or provides an insufficient reason, then there is no probable cause and any proof from the cease cannot be employed against you. Be aware that weaving within your own lane of traffic is not illegal and the officer can’t use this as a foundation for the cease.
Law enforcement Failure to Explain to You of Your Legal rights. If you have a question ask a DUI attorney Illinois

If the arresting officer does not recommend you of your Miranda rights right after arresting you, any incriminating statements you make can not be used against you in court.
Problem the Accuracy of the Sobriety Screening

In some circumstances, particular health-related conditions can interfere with the Breathalyzer check utilized to check out the blood liquor content material (BAC). Situations these kinds of as hypoglycemia, which can result in acetone in the driver’s breath, can cause falsely large BAC readings. A individual struggling from hypoglycemia may possibly show other signs these kinds of as dizziness or confusion that can trigger an officer to think they are intoxicated.

If you have dentures or other dental operate that could lure alcoholic beverages, the benefits of your Breathalyzer test could be afflicted. As would be the situation if you belched and the officer did not give you one more check right after waiting around for some time. In addition, the Breathalyzer utilised to conduct the test may have been defective and incorrectly calibrated, or utilised incorrectly by the officer administering the check, foremost to false benefits.
Increasing Blood Alcoholic beverages

You can argue that given that blood liquor levels keep rising following your preliminary intake of alcoholic beverages, your BAC levels were greater at the time you took the examination than at the time you had been truly driving. This argument functions better if the law enforcement do not immediately test you upon being pulled above on suspicion of DUI.
Spot of the Arrest

You could argue that the area where you had been pulled in excess of afflicted how you had been driving, for instance if the terrain was rough, or there was a bend in the street. Equally, you can obstacle the weather problems at the time of the end.
Law enforcement Officer’s Inconsistent Testimony

If the officer who pulled you over is inconsistent in his testimony, declaring something at demo that is various from what he mentioned before with regards to the first quit, you can challenge his testimony. In addition, if the officer has any prior disciplinary problems, you might be ready to use individuals to problem his reliability.
Call a DUI defense lawyer

If you have been arrested on DUI costs, you must make contact with DUI defense legal professional Steven Goldman quickly for a session on your situation. Do not plead guilty without talking to an lawyer initial. Dependent on the circumstances of your arrest, you could be in a position to effectively defeat the fees.
What Elements Affect the Length of the Liquor Software as a Outcome of My Chicago DUI Case?

If you have been convicted of DUI in the point out of Illinois, the choose can hand down a sentence that includes collaborating in mandatory DUI courses. Numerous drivers who are in court docket combating their DUI situation ponder what elements have an effect on the length of the liquor plan as a consequence of the Chicago DUI circumstance.

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These are a number of of the factors that could change the volume of time, curriculum, and cost, of the alcoholic beverages program.

The Severity of the Driving Offense
The duration of the alcohol program that was requested by the choose presiding in excess of your situation could be impacted by the severity of the DUI arrest. The choose is going to seem really cautiously at all the proof introduced by the prosecution, seeking to see how the driver responded to the directions of the officer, how erratic the driving, and if any person was hurt as a result of the intoxicated driver. The decide will not rule favorably if the driver was cooperative or combative with the arresting officer, hunting carefully to see if the driver was apologetic for what was occurring or resistant to becoming arrested.

The choose has comprehensive experience with figuring out which situations deserve which penalties. Your DUI legal professional may present evidence that shows that the decide may contemplate lessening the time of the alcoholic beverages system owing to hardship or other figuring out variables.

Blood Alcohol Amount Final results
One of the deciding elements when the judge has to establish how lengthy to mandate an liquor system to a DUI suspect is how large more than the legal limit was the driver’s blood alcoholic beverages degree. The legal restrict in the point out of Illinois is .08 blood alcohol stage, so relying on how substantial above that amount, the judge has the discretion to make the defendant look at the alcohol plan. When the number is somewhat over the legal quantity, the choose may really feel this was an isolated incident and decrease the time of the program, but by the identical token, the judge may well want to make an example of the driver and make sure they realizes the effect that driving drunk could have experienced on an harmless driver in the foreseeable future and demand from customers they go to a prolonged program.

Your DUI lawyer will existing proof to present that you have regret, you won’t enable this take place once more, and that family and close friends will assist you and help you to keep this from happening once again.

Top Ten Case – Greg Mueller Attorney in Webster Groves

1.            $600,000 Settlement – Auto Accident – Uninsured Motorist Claim


Before trial, Greg Mueller and the Mueller Law Practice, LLC, obtained a settlement over $600,000 in a fiercely contested uninsured motor vehicle claim.  From this disputed accident, our client sustained a traumatic spinal fracture of his C4-5, with a C5 nerve root compression caused by bone fragment.  Even though our client had a remarkable recovery and returned to work without restriction, our firm obtained a pre-trial SETTLEMENT over 12x’s his medical expenses, all within 24 months of the date of accident.

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2.            University Professor of Law


Gregory Mueller, JD, of the Mueller Law Practice, LLC, has been hired as an adjunct professor of law at Maryville University.  Dr. Mueller teaches “Criminal Law and Procedure,” as well as co-teaching the highly acclaimed “Murder to Trial” seminar.  Dr. Mueller is a practicing attorney with nearly 30 years of litigation experience in Missouri and Illinois, including an appearance before the Missouri Supreme Court. Learn more about Gregory Mueller attorney



3.            Policy Limits Settlement – Uninsured Motorist Claim


                Our client was involved in a complicate 4 car collision with contested liability and conflicting statements of how the accident occurred.  Still, Greg Mueller and the Mueller Law Practice, LLC, obtained a policy limits settlement from uninsured motorist coverage.

                Our client traveling southbound on a major thoroughfare in the City of St. Louis, when he was rear-ended by an uninsured motorist, following a complicated chain of accidents.  Because of the first impact, our client was then pushed forward into the vehicle in front of him, thereby sustaining a second impact.   An MRI found  spinal cord compression at C6-7.  The orthopedic surgeon performed an anterior decompression and fusion.  Even with denials of coverage, Greg Mueller and the Mueller Law Practice, LLC, obtain a settlement of over $200,000, plus medical payments coverage.



4.            $150,000 Settlement – Slip and Fall – elbow injury


                Our client slip and fell on a public walkway platform.  The owner denied all liability and refused all settlement negotiations.  But Attorney Greg Mueller and the Mueller Law Practice, LLC, successfully argued that defects created a dangerous condition that the owner failed to warn of or make safe.



                Our attorneys argued that the owners failed to use reasonable care to remove, remedy, and warn of the dangerous condition on the property and maintain it in a reasonably safe condition for the public, including our client.  Our client underwent right radial head replacement surgery with 3 implanted stem modular radial screws She tolerated the procedure as well as can be expected.  After months of litigation, our clients obtained a settlement of $150,000.



5.            Confidential POLICY LIMITS settlement


                Greg Mueller and the Mueller Law Practice, LLC, obtained a CONFIDENTIAL policy limits settlement for a rear-end auto accident.  Our client sustained a closed head injury with cognitive deficits as well as “Right Shoulder Impingement,” with right extremity radiculopathy.  While the insurance company denied that the accident caused the injury (in part because our client was an Army Veteran with pre-existing injuries, our firm obtain a confidential POLICY LIMITS settlement.



6.            Worker’s Compensation Settlement – Amputation Injury


                At the time of the incident, our client was prototyping a vacuum motor into a new product design.  The new motors increase speed, pressure, and eliminate any leaks of any kind.  But the new design failed during experimentation, causing an immediate amputation injury to our claimant.


                With medical and engineering experts, Greg Mueller and the Mueller Law Practice, LLC, proved that our client was doing the work that only an experienced engineer would or could be performing, and obtained the most favorable settlement before trial available.



7.            “He is the best!”  In our clients’ own words:


RECOMMENDED:  5 out of 5 stars, submitted on 06/19/18 in Personal Injury:


Mr Mueller is an awesome attorney and went above the call of duty on numerous occasions. He is caring, compassionate, easy to communicate with, was always on top my case, kept me advised about where we were in the case, and worked hard with the other parties to secure a great settlement, I would use him again and highly recommend him to anyone that wants a honest, hard working attorney that treats you with respect and compassion and will get the job done quickly and efficiently. He is the best!

8.            “One of the best lawyers in the business!”


Recommended    5.0/5.0

Submitted on 05/02/18 in Automobile Accidents


He is hands down one of the best lawyers in the business. I have used him twice now. Both times he has exceeded my expectations. He is always there to answer your call, always gave updates, commutation one of the best. Helps you to understand what is happening and how to proceed. I knew every step of the way that I was in good hands. Would never use anyone else again as long as he practicing law!!! This attorney know his job well and the insurance companies know he does not play. Thanks Mr. Mueller!!!



9.            “He is the best and there is none better in the St. Louis area.”  


Excellent Attorney 5.0 stars out of 5.


Posted by Taylor, June 19, 2018


Although I had contacted several other attorney’s, for various reasons I didn’t retain them. After speaking with Mr Mueller about my case and retaining him, he gave me the respect and compassion I needed at the time. During the entire process, Mr Mueller was always there for me, treating me like family, making sure I was ok and I understood what was going on in my case. Mr Mueller went above the call of duty on numerous occasions including answering questions about other matters unrelated to my case. He was always very professional, friendly, easy to communicate with, compassionate, caring and always there if needed. I am very thankful I found Mr Mueller and would hire him again in a heartbeat if the need arose. He worked and fought very hard on my case to get a very good settlement for me. I highly recommend him and would recommend anyone that wants a great attorney to go with Mr Mueller, he is the best and there is none better in the St Louis area.

Information provided by Greg Mueller attorney St Louis

Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer Robert J Callahan Celebrates 24th Anniversary

Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer Robert J Callahan Celebrates 24th Anniversary


Friday, August 17th 2018, 5:32 am CDTThursday, August 17th 2018, 5:32 am CDT

Robert J Callahan is celebrating its 24 year anniversary and reveals some of its big wins. More information on the business can be found at

Chicago, IL – United States – August 17, 2018 /Criminal Defense Lawyers News/ —

Robert J Callahan is celebrating their 24th Year Anniversary. Robert Callahan and his team prides itself on its communication with its clients, and on being available and responsive to their needs throughout their years in business. This is a huge milestone for the Chicago-based Criminal Defense Law Firm business, which has provided Criminal Defense Law to people throughout the Chicago metro area since 1994.

Founded in 1994, Robert J Callahan “realized that many people were struggling to find a great criminal defense lawyer when charged with a crime in Chicago, Illinois.” Client testimonialsinclude “best criminal lawyer Chicago“.

Case by case, victory by victory, Robert J Callahan slowly but steadily established experience in the courtroom and a strong reputation for litigation throughout Chicago. For more info on criminal defense attorney Chicago call us.

Even more recently, Robert J Callahan and his team won a not guilty verdict for our client charged with trafficking 95 pounds of cannabis on an interstate in Illinois. Based on the arguments and questioning of our defense, it only took the jury two hours to deliver a verdict of not guilty. Reflecting on this case, Robert J. Callahan noted, “One of the higher points of our criminal defense law firm’s history so far was when Robert J Callahan successfully defended a Class X Felony Cannabis case and won a Not Guilty verdict in a Class X Felony Cannabis Case for a Hollywood Actor…”

Looking back on his storied career, Robert J Callahan says “We’re delighted to be celebrating our 24 Year Anniversary. I believe the secret to getting this far in business today is threefold: relentless investigation techniques, strong courtroom performance and close relationship formed with our clients. We know your freedom is on the line. We fight for our clients as if you’re family.”

The current firm consists of criminal attorney Chicago Robert J Callahan, Jeffrey Marx and Paul Meyers. These criminal defense attorneys have big plans for the upcoming year. One of the defense law firms’ core objectives is to earn respect from clients, prosecutors and judges. We believe this is the formula to maintain a successful criminal defense firm.

Contact Info:
Name: Robert J Callahan
Organization: Robert J Callahan
Address: 53 W Jackson Blvd #1442,, Chicago, Illinois 60604, United States
Phone: +1-312-322-9000

For more information, please visit

Robert J Callahan and Associates – Weed Charges

Let’s say you place 7-10 grams of cannabis into a set of cannabis brownies. You bake them, wrap them all up, and placed them in a cooler in the rear of your auto for tomorrow. En route to your friend’s place, you obtain pulled over and also ultimatelylooked by the cops. They locate the brownies in the colder and also fee you with possession of cannabis. Leaving apart the validity of why you were stoppeded or searched, how many grams of cannabis can you be accuseded of? 7-10? Reconsider. You will certainly be accuseded of the total weight of the brownies. By instilling cannabis right into delicious chocolate brownies you have practiced lawful alchemy. In the eyes of the law,
you have magically changed the delicious chocolate, the butter, the salt, the eyes, into marijuana. The lawful analysis of the weight of cannabis in edibles differs by state. “However, many states watch the weight of the entire edible cannabis the very same as if it was all marijuana blossoms,” said Robert J Callahan
The absurdity of this legal obscurity has made the information in the last few years. Chicago native as well as the godfather of Drill rap, Principal Keef, was detained on June 12, 2017, after airport terminal security at Sioux Falls Regional Airport terminal found 4 blunts and also edible cannabis candies in his carry on luggage. He was in Souix Falls for an anti-bullying project. He is currently facing up to 5 years in prison for this felony crime.

In South Dakota, based on the weight of the 4 blunts, Chief Keef would certainly be encountering just a violation infraction. What makes Principal Keef’s case a best example is that the weight of the edible cannabis candies pushed the fees over the limit essential for felony charges. It wasn’t the blunts composed of real cannabis flower,
it was the edibles that caused Chief Keef to be dealing with felony charges. His trial is established for February. South Dakota, like Illinois regulation, makes no distinction between the weight of cannabis plant/flower or cannabis edible, vape, or wax.
Illinois regulation defines cannabis as: “Marijuana” consists of marijuana, hashish as well as other substances which are recognized as
including any type of parts of the plant Cannabis Sativa, whether growing or not; the seeds
thereof, the material drawn out from any type of part of such plant; as well as any type of substance,
manufacture, salt, by-product, mix, or prep work of such plant, its seeds, or material,
including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and all various other cannabinol derivatives, consisting of
its naturally happening or artificially produced ingredients, whether generated
straight or indirectly by extraction, or independently through chemical synthesis or
by a mix of removal and also chemical synthesis; yet shall not consist of the mature
stalks of such plant, fiber generated from such stalks, oil or cake made from the seeds of such plant, any other substance, manufacture, salt, by-product, mix, or preparation of
such mature stalks (except the resin extracted therefrom), fiber, oil or cake, or the
disinfected seed of such plant which is incapable of germination.

Whether he was at O’Hare or Souix Falls Regional Airpot, Chief Keef would certainly have been apprehended for purportedly having these edibles. As our statute clearly mentions,
Illinois takes into consideration any kind of acquired, mixture, or prep work of cannabis the same as
your normal old bag of weed. Who cares if that bag is 100% expanded cannabis and
those brownies aren’t? Definitely, police, nor the state of Illinois, does.
They win in either case. Call Robert J Callahan Attorney
Obtain Instructions to Robert J Callahan Criminal Defense Lawyer